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The 20-Second Lip – Snob Essentials

While statement lips are huge right now, I don’t want you guys don’t feel like I expect you to spend 20 minutes on your lip look every day. I mean, I’m just as lazy as the next person, but even if I’m going to exercise class and/or haven’t bathed or washed my hair for a while, I still have to put on a full face before I leave the house. So here are a few pointers and products that I like for a quick and easy 20-second lip.

Matte lips have been enjoying another big moment recently, but they never really go completely out of style. Everyone loves the longevity and versatility of a good matte. Because they are highly pigmented, they last a long time, and you can apply and leave it as is, add a touch of gloss, or use your finger to press it on for a natural, stained lip look.

My all-time favorite mattes are in the wind-up lipstick pencil category. These babies are so great because they are lip pencils and lipsticks all in one. Usually the tips have nice shapes that hug your lip and make it easier for you to not create a total mess on your mouth. Just remember to apply them in a way that keeps the tip shape intact. The formulas are buildable and are somewhat moisturizing so they feel comfortable even on old, dried-up lips like mine. Also, there is a price point to fit everyone’s budget.

My current fave is the Lorac Pro matte lip color (at Nordstrom for $16). When it first came on the market, I bought every color. I don’t actually use every color, but I guess I just have a small shopping problem.

If you would rather spend your money on a glass of champagne instead of on a lipstick, try the e.l.f Studio matte lip color for $3. Some other good ones are the Inglot AMC lip pencil (on Inglot for $12) and the Swedish brand IsaDora’s Twist-Up Matt lips that I found on eBay for $20. The most expensive one, Surratt Beauty Automatique lip crayon, is available at Sephora for $34.

Original Article published in Snob Essentials
By Heidi Dillon
June 15, 2015