Haute Thoughts: Unibrows– The New Rage

Tween fashion plate Lourdes Leon is well on her way to becoming a major trendsetter. But what else would you expect from the offspring of Madonna who has trained her adorable clone on the finer points of fashion and grooming by providing her with the best stylists, manicures, facials, shopping sprees and one-of-kind frocks by Stella McCartney? A love of fashion and an inimitable sense of style are God-given gifts, but it doesn’t hurt to have your mom, who happens to be a fashion icon, holding your hand at Harrods during your formative years. Mom has obviously given her a lot of tips on how to hold your head just so for the cameras and how to swing an “it” handbag like a big girl. Personally, I applaud Madonna for creating this glossy haired mini me. I have an 11 year old son who, like Lourdes, is a chip off the old block. He wouldn’t dream of missing his manicure/pedicure appointment, buys only designer clothes – Gap is out of the question- is addicted to Chrome Hearts jewelry, and can be frequently seen escorting me to Dallas social events where he always attracts the attention of our local media.

Lourdes provides a wonderful role model for all aspiring young fashionistas. Her look is edgy and hip without being over-the-top or inappropriate. Her impeccable grooming sends a positive message – clean, brushed hair, neatly trimmed nails, tastefully applied makeup that doesn’t look like she’s actually wearing makeup (a welcome change from the harsh black eyeliner seen on so many girls). I think that one of the biggest impacts Lourdes will have on her generation is how they think about their eyebrows. The first time I saw a picture of Lourdes, my reaction was “why doesn’t her mother wax that unibrow?”, but now I get it. Madonna, as you may recall, is a huge Frida Kahlo fan, and has a large collection of her work. Over the years Madonna has plucked and waxed her own previously bushy brows into oblivion, but Lourdes’ brows are in tact, neatly trimmed and brushed up to be sure, but they are the spitting image of Frida’s. So, the moral of this story is: Cancel your brow waxing appointment and throw away the tweezers. Unibrows are about to be all the rage.


Originally published September 22, 2008 in Snob Essentials