Haute Thoughts by Heidi Dillon: The Hanger Project

Please excuse the old movie cliche, but, ladies please, no more wire hangers! Let’s face it, we all spend a fortune on our beloved wardrobes, so doesn’t it make sense to spend a little extra to take care of them? Though I live in a rather large modern home and am well-known for my insatiable appetite for apparel, my closet space is pathetic. Large closets, as it turns out, are not part of the modernist aesthetic, nor were they part of my husband’s budget. He mistakenly thought that if the closets were small, I would purchase fewer clothes. It gets even worse. I actually share a closet in the master bedroom with my husband. This arrangement is frequently awkward because it is difficult to conceal recent acquisitions and my husband has developed an eagle eye for what’s new and what’s not. (My definition of “new” is something that is still in the store. The minute it is hung in your closet, you can technically answer “no” when your husband asks you “is that new?”) In addition to being a clothes horse, as my mother used to say, I am an organization freak.

Personally, I like to hang things according to designer, which doesn’t

produce the best look in the closet, but that’s how I think about

things. When I am getting dressed I think “I’ll wear the Jil Sander

black stretch pants with the Prada jacket, etc.” I like to have

everything buttoned, zipped and facing the same direction and I hang

things according to color within the designer categories. (I really

have to come up with a way to label each section because my maid, who

can’t tell an Oscar from a McQueen, always puts things in the wrong

place which really confuses me). Until recently I have use all black

plastic hangers that I get at a retail display store but always dreamed

of the perfect hanger. Then a few months ago I met an adorable Dallas

entrepreneur named Kirby Allison who started a company called The

Hanger Project. Kirby’s mission is simple: collaborate with those who

engage in dressing well to design a hanger of both superior style and

function. He believes that a hanger should be as beautiful as it is

functional. Kirby has worked with tailors, dandies and fashionistas to

come up with the perfect hanger. All of his hangers are constructed

from the finest solid maple available and will protect and prolong the

life of your clothes. You can stock up on Kirby’s fabulous hangers at


Originally published in Snob Essentials. September 28, 2008