Haute Thoughts by Heidi Dillon: Miraculous Weight Loss Program

Losing weight and keeping it off is a life-long battle for most women. For women over 50, it’s not just a battle, it’s all out war. After I had my baby, at the ripe old age of 44, I was, shall we say, a little zaftig. When I gave birth, I weighted a whopping 185 lbs. I was BIG. It took me a couple of years, but with a good diet (1200-1500 calories a day), hard exercise program (weight training, Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga) and a little plastic surgery (tummy tuck), I got the blubber off and ended up with a hard, lean body and was very proud of the fact that I had a 6-pack when I hit 50. Those were the days when we all wore low-rise jeans, midriff -baring tops and tight Gucci dresses, and, believe me, my abs butt being what they were, I worked those looks like crazy.

Fashions changed, as they always do, and our eyes adjusted to the new unstructured looks of Marni and Dries. I embraced these looks for their comfort and ease. When I donned a Marni dress to go out with my husband he would say, “that looks comfortable”, which was not a compliment. He never did adjust to my attire going from hot to slop. Like most things that I embrace, I went off the deep end, buying up every sack dress I could get my hands on and I gained 10 lbs. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not blaming Consuela Castiglioni for my weight gain, but, let’s face it, when you put on something baggy, you never have those “oh-oh” moments that you get when pulling on your tight jeans that are a little too tight from stepping off your diet program. Nope. Everything is always roomy and comfy. (Jump for more!)

Fortunately those days are now behind us and my Marni and Dries have hit the resale shops. But, to make matters worse, I spent the summer in Malibu where I drank 2 bottles of wine every night and enjoyed the remarkable cuisine of a private chef, so when I returned to Dallas in the fall, I my body was a mess. I felt so awful about my appearance that I really didn’t want to go out or wear anything other than my stretchy exercise clothes.

Then I got a call from our producers at the Style Network saying that they were going to come to town to shoot some stuff for the TV show we may be doing (more on that later). Now I was desperate. I had been working with a great nutritionist and she let me in on a little secret. She and her new business partner, an internist, were doing hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections for weight loss and getting incredible results in just 2-3 weeks. Most people were losing 5-7 pounds of pure fat a week. I’m in!! I went to see the internist and he gave me 14 syringes that I was to inject in my subcutaneous fat daily. He explained that hCG is substance that is made by the embryo right after conception and that if women didn’t pig out during pregnancy, they would actually get leaner. I told him that was the weirdest statement I had ever heard and he obviously didn’t know anything about being pregnant.

The injections cause your body to secrete 2500 calories per day of pure body fat into your blood stream – the lumpy, blubbery fat that we all loathe – and you subsequently rid yourself of all of that nasty cellulite. He explained that during the two weeks, I would have to stick to a 500 calorie a day diet but he assured me that I wouldn’t be hungry. The next day I checked in with my nutritionist to get the details of my diet. I was instructed to eat five 100-calorie meals – that means 1 non- fat yogurt, or 1/2 of a chicken breast and some green vegetables, 8 of these horrid dried-up crackers, a small apple,etc. I was advised not to use fatty lotions on my body.

The first day on the diet I was starving and stayed hungry the entire time. However, I lost almost a pound a day! After the two weeks, I had dropped 10 lbs. and was back to fighting weight. I have been off the program for 3 weeks now and have continued to lose weight by sticking to my good old diet plan. The weight that I lost was definitely body fat and not just water and it does seem like I have less cellulite. The cost for this miraculous plan – $2,000. I don’t quite have my 6-pack back yet, but I can now see a lot of definition in my abs. My energy is way up and I feel incredible and most importantly, can fit into my old jeans.

**Beautysnob.com does not endorse hcg injections.  Please consult a doctor before commencing any new diet program.

Originally published in Snob Essentials. November 8, 2008